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You’re still here? This place is old news. Visit my new website at to see my latest updates. This place is closed, a vestigial blog that only remains as an archive. Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. It’s a new day.

Finding Your Power Apps

Michael Schechter recently asked Are Power Apps Like Omnifocus and Scrivener For You?. Watching tutorial videos for “power apps” has helped him decide when it is worth investing his time, attention, and money to learning a new application. He proposes that: If you aren’t willing to take the time [to watch a video], you probably… Continue reading Finding Your Power Apps

False advertising. Also, awesome!

I’m not going to argue that this music video by Kinna Grannis isn’t awesome, because that would be stupid. It is an incredible labor-intensive piece of work. Catchy tune, too. However, I will argue that Michael Zang writing for PetaPixel should watch the videos he posts before writing about them. To wit, I enter the… Continue reading False advertising. Also, awesome!


OK, I know RSS isn’t going away, but John Gruber (@gruber) threw me down the rabbit hole tonight when he linked to NetNewsWire creator Brent Simmons piece about Google Reader. The whole shebang got started with this article: Official Google Reader Blog: Upcoming changes to Reader: a new look, new Google+ features, and some clean-up.… Continue reading RIP RSS?

MacSparky – Blog – MPU 60 – The Case forĀ Evernote

MacSparky – Blog – MPU 60 – The Case for Evernote: I hear that people who who subscribe to the Mac Power Users lead more productive and fulfilling lives. David Sparks, that’s MacSparky, is right. 5by5 listeners are suave and good-looking, too. I haven’t listened to the Evernote episode yet, but I’m looking forward to it.… Continue reading MacSparky – Blog – MPU 60 – The Case forĀ Evernote

Nest Thermostat

I’m late to the game on this (thanks to my day job) and you’ve probably already seen this. The Nest Thermostat looks stunning. Not too shabby at $249 as far as high-end thermostats go. We already have one of those fancy pants programmable thermostats, but it’s nothing like this one. Nothing! Check this sucker out.… Continue reading Nest Thermostat