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Site Update!

You’re still here? This place is old news. Visit my new website at to see my latest updates. This place is closed, a vestigial blog that only remains as an archive. Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. It’s a new day.

False advertising. Also, awesome!

I’m not going to argue that this music video by Kinna Grannis isn’t awesome, because that would be stupid. It is an incredible labor-intensive piece of work. Catchy tune, too. However, I will argue that Michael Zang writing for PetaPixel should watch the videos he posts before writing about them. To wit, I enter the …

MacSparky – Blog – MPU 60 – The Case forĀ Evernote

MacSparky – Blog – MPU 60 – The Case for Evernote: I hear that people who who subscribe to the Mac Power Users lead more productive and fulfilling lives. David Sparks, that’s MacSparky, is right. 5by5 listeners are suave and good-looking, too. I haven’t listened to the Evernote episode yet, but I’m looking forward to it. …