6-year-old drummer rocks Van Halen

Jim Dalrymple shared this unbelievable video over at The Loop. If I couldn’t see this 6-year-old rocking Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” with my own eyes I would say it was a fake. It isn’t.

False advertising. Also, awesome!

I’m not going to argue that this music video by Kinna Grannis isn’t awesome, because that would be stupid. It is an incredible labor-intensive piece of work. Catchy tune, too. However, I will argue that Michael Zang writing for PetaPixel should watch the videos he posts before writing about them. To wit, I enter the… Continue reading False advertising. Also, awesome!

John Prine – The Singing Mailman Delivers

If you don’t know John Prine, you should. This looks like a great introduction. John Prine – The Singing Mailman Delivers (via Paste Magazine): John Prine’s had a consistent amount of recorded output over his four-decade long career. But he had to get a start somewhere, and his new album, The Singing Mailman Delivers, celebrates… Continue reading John Prine – The Singing Mailman Delivers