Nest Thermostat

I’m late to the game on this (thanks to my day job) and you’ve probably already seen this. The Nest Thermostat looks stunning. Not too shabby at $249 as far as high-end thermostats go. We already have one of those fancy pants programmable thermostats, but it’s nothing like this one. Nothing!
Check this sucker out.
Update, from the Nest blog:

What’s it like for a guy who worked at Apple to start making thermostats? A lot like this:
“So what are you working on lately?” a friend asks over lunch.
“I started a new company. We make thermostats.”
They chuckle, take a bite of their salad, “No, seriously. What are you doing?”
“I’m serious. Thermostats.”

N.B.: I’m thankful to have a day job to keep you people waiting on hot news stories like this one.