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Breaking Bad

We were looking for something new to watch on the Netflix and found Breaking Bad. I have been hearing the buzz (sorry) on Twitter and the Web for a while about how addictive this show is (so sorry). Breaking Bad is definitely a hit (so sorry, I swear I won’t do it again). The story’s […]

John Prine – The Singing Mailman Delivers

If you don’t know John Prine, you should. This looks like a great introduction. John Prine – The Singing Mailman Delivers (via Paste Magazine): John Prine’s had a consistent amount of recorded output over his four-decade long career. But he had to get a start somewhere, and his new album, The Singing Mailman Delivers, celebrates […]


A couple of months ago, an eye doctor diagnosed me as slightly nearsighted with a slight astigmatism in one eye before handing over a prescription for eyeglasses. A few days later, I picked up my first pair of glasses and my life changed. I had no idea what I was missing. My eyesight used to […]


My website has gone through many iterations over the years. Hand-coded HTML. Template-based sites uploaded in chunks via FTP. Blogger. WordPress. Not only that, but it’s divided and come back together like amoeba or a healing wound. At one point, I thought I would create a blog for each topic that interested me. Macs and […]

What Are We Jumping About?

When did people start calling flash drives (or thumb drives) “jump” drives. I grok flash drive because flash is the media. I get thumb drives because they’re about the size of some thumbs I’ve seen around town. But “jump?” I don’t get it.

What Do I Want to Be?

This is the second of three articles as described in an earlier post inspired by Dave Gamache. Dave posed three questions: What are three things I want to do? What are three things I want to be? What are three things I want to have? This my response to the second question. Be Bold My […]

Third-Grade Writing Lessons from 1980

My third-grade teacher was infuriating. Memories of 1980 include learning to read using advanced phonics (man-u-fac-ture), struggling with multiplication tables (I still do), and writing sentences using our vocabulary words. Ms. Robinson (no, nothing like that) wouldn’t let us start sentences with the words “I” or “The.” Furthermore, if my memory is churning correctly, our […]