"Geekdom is not a club"

The Road to Geekdom: Soak up every experience. Lose yourself in the pursuit of knowledge. When you finally come up for air, you’ll find that the long road to geekdom no longer stretches out before you. No one can deny you entry. You’re already home. John Siracusa is an authority (exhibit a) on the topic… Continue reading "Geekdom is not a club"

6-year-old drummer rocks Van Halen

Jim Dalrymple shared this unbelievable video over at The Loop. If I couldn’t see this 6-year-old rocking Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” with my own eyes I would say it was a fake. It isn’t.

CSS illustrated

This is how I feel after working with CSS for a while (and it sometimes looks just as pretty and functional).