America's Terrible Choice

The horror of watching something terrible unfold right in front of you makes it nearly impossible to look away. The 2016 election is such a train wreck, the candidates’ voices like the horrible screeching of metal, so much vitriol like blood spilling onto the tracks. All the world’s a stage and the greatest nation in… Continue reading America's Terrible Choice

Netflix casts presidential vote with video release

We watch a lot of Netflix and I subscribe to the company’s feed of video recently released to “Watch Instantly.” The feed pushes out new titles with a brief synopsis. I’ve never seen one longer than about 35-50 words. Never, that is, until today. I clocked the synopsis for [*Dreams from my Real Father*]( at… Continue reading Netflix casts presidential vote with video release

Bureaucracy is choking education

Bureaucracy is strangling public education as politicians continue to proclaim their concern for students while discussing numbers, not people. Students are not numbers by default. Grownups turn them into numbers. How many will be accepted? What is the attendance rate? How many graduated? How many met state guidelines? Who didn’t make the cut? It’s easy… Continue reading Bureaucracy is choking education

Extravagent Defense for our Starving Nation

The Wall Street Journal published a series of charts explaining President Obama’s federal budget proposal. It’s thrilling to see such a large amount of money allocated in two categories: $82.2 billion reserved for Health and Human Services, and $77.4 billion for Education. Those social services rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Can you guess what took… Continue reading Extravagent Defense for our Starving Nation

Good Journalism is *Hard*

In my previous post I alluded to my background as a writer for local newspapers. Those publications served rural northwest Georgia. One of my editors shared some advice years ago that stuck with me; that reporters should write everything as if they’re explaining to a sixth-grader. It is crucial for everyone to understand the complexities… Continue reading Good Journalism is *Hard*