Old Claim Chowder

After I decided to change from Movable Type to WordPress I stopped following development to focus on my current content management system. I’m a year behind on MT news from Six Apart, but check out this claim chowder.
First, there’s this:

“As of today, and forever forward, Movable Type is open source.”
Anil Dash, December 12, 2007

Cue six years forward to find this:

“…the ideal thing for us to do is to put our best foot forward and put all of our resources and marketing behind our full, paid versions of Movable Type.”
Robert Minton, July 11, 2013

Movable Type went from open source and free to proprietary (and starting at $595), and the announcements were six [years] apart. Schadenfreude!
I’m glad I made the switch to WordPress.

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Here we go again

Everyone in the room sighed and rolled their eyes skyward. “He’s written about this so many times. Too many times.”
I like Macs, but recently added a Windows-based netbook to my lineup of writing tools. Here is an update of the software I use all the time. I’ll be brief.





…and I mean everywhere.

  • 1Password for managing logins and passwords. Priceless.

This isn’t comprehensive, but it covers the bases. I could go on–go ahead, ask anyone–but I won’t. You’re welcome.

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Journler – Back from the Almost Dead

Journler (yes, that is the correct spelling) is intriguing software that I used for a while some years back. The developer, Phillip Dow, stopped development in 2009, but he posted a couple of days ago that he is open sourcing the application and introducing a new application called Per Se.
Journler – Blog:

I’ve finally decide to open source Journler 100%. Some of Journler has already been open sourced but the aim over the next few months is to release all of the code into the public domain. If you’re interested in helping with this effort, see the Sprouted Developers page.
I do this reluctantly. Quite frankly the code is a mess, and it’s a personal embarrassment to make that work available to scrutinizing developers more capable than myself three years ago. Nevertheless, I believe it’s the best decision and the best opportunity for closure. In a sense I am freeing Journler from myself and releasing it to anyone who’d like it. It also paves the way for future development.

Per Se is journaling software. It will incorporate some of Journler’s capabilities such as embedding multimedia and photos while mimicking the paper journal. Frankly, that kills the deal for me. I’m not a fan of anthropomorphic applications that mimic real world objects. When I want to write in a physical journal, I’ll get a nice pen and do so. Typing in a pseudo journal (or calendar, or photo album) doesn’t do it for me.
That said, some people love that sort of thing and I’m sure that Phil will deliver the goods if it is anywhere near the high caliber of Journler.
Also note that Phil is closing down the existing site and forums and launching Sprouted Software to maintain Journler and Per Se. It’s certainly worth following and I’m excited to see where the open source community takes Journler.
(Via Phil Dow’s Journler Blog)