Grocery shopping and rabbit trails

KitchenAid: Not an impulse buy
Tea kettle, by KitchenAid, or why we went to Kroger today.

Looking for a change of pace, Julie and I decided to drive a littler further out of our way for groceries today and went to Kroger in Dalton, Ga.
OK, I selfishly pushed in that direction because I wanted to buy a KitchenAid tea kettle I’ve had my eye on for a while. The cheap brushed stainless kettle I grabbed for next to nothing at Wal-Mart had served its purpose, but a slow leak sent it on to a moist grave in the trash.
KitchenAid impulse buy
16-piece knife set in wood block by KitchenAid, an impulse buy courtesy of Kroger.

The Kroger in Dalton is one of the flagship stores for the American retail supermarket chain. It is not your average grocery store. It rivals many of the stores I used to visit in Atlanta and Chattanooga; however, this store is on my way home from the office.
What makes this store so special? It has a premium selection of products—an extensive produce section along with a huge selection of cheeses, olives, wonderful baked goods and a terrific deli packed with fresh Boar’s Head Meats.
I could prattle on about their groceries, but that isn’t what makes the store special. They offer top-of-the-line cookware as well such as the KitchenAid product I was seeking as well as Le Creuset and other brands.
The meat counter. Their steaks are exquisite (and the price is reflected in the quality, you get what you pay for). Filet mignon paired with a choice shiraz from the well-stocked wine section (they have a great selection of beers as well) seemed like a great way to welcome warmer weather to our nook in northwest Georgia, so that’s what we got.
We filled the tank for the grill and ventured forth into the great outdoors to celebrate the coming of spring. Remember, the first day of spring is March 20 and I can’t wait!

Nice day to work outside