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Site Redesign and a Renewed Focus

As a recreational blogger who struggles with commitment to write on a regular schedule, I have been slow to pay cold hard cash to a web host for my site. I would love to slap a CMS on there and take off to the races.
I have a long list of excuses to draw from to keep me away from writing. I’m tired. I’ve worked all day. Our kids all have performances tonight. This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. Where’s the third bowl?
Then I read about David Sparks wrangling his own family in California, working as a successful attorney, writing at his own MacSparky blog, recording the MacPowerUsers podcast with his partner Katie Floyd across the nation in Florida, and publishing two books in the past year: Mac at Work and iPad at Work.
Did I mention pocasts? Yes I did. Look at Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 podcast network. He’s been committed to recording audio since he was a kid and has built his current empire in just over a year. He manages production of 18 successful shows and is cohost in 10 of those. During the past year he and his wife had one youngster running around the house, another one on the way (congratulations Dan!), and orchestrated a move from Florida to Austin, Texas, while only missing a few episodes.
Yeah, I’ve got nothing to whine about. I need to shut up and get busy.
For now, I’m dressing up this free website with a new (to me) theme. I hope you enjoy my implementation of Dusk to Dawn.
What would I run on my own server? I enjoy I’ve been using it here on the free hosted site for years now and wouldn’t mind rolling my own installation of the .org variety; however, the latest version of Drupal is enticing as well. For the record, I have been using Drupal Gardens at work and can vouch that it provides an excellent hosted version at a reasonable cost.
I’m going to percolate a little longer in the womb here at and continue to focus on writing more before seriously considering a move and rebirth of sorts with a hosted provider.

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Back Home Again

Sorry for the rapidly changing themes here on my hosted WordPress site. I am still looking for a theme that feels right and, for now, have returned to the Vigilance. I’ll try to settle down soon.

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Tags are the new Category

Eliminating categories in favor of tags on my blog easy access to my blog history is an important service to provide for to my readers. I am changing how I do things on this blog and want to announce a change on Carrying Stones for the six or seven readers who stumble into my trap each week.
You may not realize this, but the code monkeys running provide two options for their bloggers to sort out their posts; categories and tags.
Categories are pretty inflexible and tend to grow like a topical stew. “Let’s throw a few tech posts in there, and another few about my kids. Tech may not be clear enough though. What about tech and mac and mac os x and iphone and apps and applications and word processing and schedules and desk and productivity…well, do you see the problem? No? Let me take it to the next level then, and if you’re OCD too, then you will certainly understand.
Every time I add a category it sits there in a growing list waiting for me to pick it again. At first I had 10 or so categories. This grew to 20 and is on the way to doubling again like a viral parasite at a rock and roll concert just spreading, spreading.
Anyway, speaking of concerts, tags are the laid back hippy cousin to categories. You enter tags in a box when you publish a post. Maybe you need one tag, Maybe you need 10, it doesn’t matter. Just type in a few descriptors and move on to the next work of creative genius.
Long story short? I have enough lists and things to prioritize and select in my life and trying to figure out which categories best describe the post I’m publishing is one decision I can eliminate (or do I need a new category? decisions decisions!)

The categories are dead. Long live the tags.

So I’m eliminating the list of categories and will begin consistently tagging my posts beginning with this one. I will not be going back and tagging prior posts so those will be floating in limbo, though everything is still searchable using that search box over there.
This post is way meta and really just something to help me think through this. I hope you’ve enjoyed this time in my brain.