Cabin Week

Julie and I took a much needed break from responsibility and stayed at Mayfly Cabin built on a bluff overlooking Fightingtown Creek in Epworth, Ga.

It is perfect for the two of us. Small footprint with spacious interior and amazing decks and stairs leading down to rushing water below. We spent a lot of time halfway down those stairs on a large deck with a fire pit. Back up at the house there is a hot tub on the lower deck. The top deck is a screened porch stretching across the entire back of the cabin.

Everywhere we hear the water below and the song of the wind blowing through the pines and rhododendron. It is glorious.

blue ridge woods
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Weekend in Blue Ridge

The kids are visiting with friends during DNow this weekend, leaving me and Julie “kidless” for two nights. She pulled a few strings with someone she works with and grabbed a cabin in Blue Ridge, Ga. at the last minute.
We arrived last night and it is exactly what both of us needed. The tension pinching my body immediately began to be sucked away by the Toccoa River when I opened the car door and heard the whitewater rushing 100 feet below. Besides this sentence, I’m not thinking about work until I get back home tomorrow.
I have my MacBook with me for writing, my Kindle and several dead-tree books to read, a fire in the hearth, a hot tub waiting for us amid the trees outside, and little else but time.

We walked down to the river a little while ago to get closer and set the water whipping downstream. We took some photos you can see on Flickr. The wild water is beautiful.
Now we’re on the back deck, winded and showing our middle age after the hike back up to the cabin, now waiting for the mesquite charcoal to warm up the grill to cook two gorgeous ribeyes we bought at the local grocery store last night.

The Delmonicos were delicious. Seasoning them only with salt & pepper, steaks need nothing more.