Work work work

Have you ever hit the wall, that point where work has become tedious and frustrating and you begin to feel trapped.

I’m there.

Life at the office has been crushing lately. Budgets keep getting cut and everyone is asked to act out the cliché, “Do more with less.” My solo office began with less, so doing more with even less is difficult at best. Soul-crushing is a more apt description.

My starting salary nearly five years ago was pretty sweet. Since then, it’s been cut each year while the benefits slipped away. The largest pay cut comes in the number of hours I must work now to chip away at an overbearing workload. Every day I work 12 hours instead of eight means another 30% cut in daily pay, and some days 12 hours is optimistic. If my work day rises to 14 hours, it’s a 43% cut.

Yesterday, the office kicked off Memorial Day weekend by closing at 2:30. I left just after 6 loaded down with time-sensitive work to finish at home during the “holiday.” I’m about to begin that on this beautiful Saturday morning, but wanted to unload here for a second for all of you to enjoy.

The frustration has to go somewhere, right?