Make Something!

You should make something tomorrow because I made something today. My wife is working toward launching her new sewing business, Crafty Beaverbrats. You can take a peek at her Etsy Store.

I made something today

Look for Julie’s art to take over the South very soon. It won’t be long before everything south of the Mason-Dixon is quilted or cozied and resting on some frilly thing, probably delivered in a snazzy handmade tote. She may even dress you up.

My wife is clever and talented, which makes her invincible in most situations. I’m just happy (and lucky) that I get to build things for her upon request (except the deck, I know dear) and stand at her stand. She is a great woman who makes me a better person (except for this old man back pain I’m suffering at the moment.

something something pinched nerve I probably won’t sleep ow

Her custom sewing table isn’t finished, set at an ergnomically correct 26 inches to match her seated height, but the healthy skeleton has come to life. Some sanding, some stain, a few finishing touches et voila. My back tells me I lost a few hit points today, but the day is mine! My manhood leveled up with the purchase of a circular saw to go with all of that lumber we loaded up on the borrowed Honda Pilot and applied my newfound power to produce this!

Good Luck Julie! I love you!