Putting Ghosts to Rest

In the TV series Supernatural, the Winchester brothers spread salt over bones and set them on fire to help a spirit rest in peace. In real life killing ghosts isn’t so easy. The saying goes, “Your past will come back to haunt you.” We all have ghosts lurking in our periphery, looking for another way in to try and suck the life out of us.

Don’t let them.

They come in many forms and may arise from the death of a loved one, from those we have wronged, or from those who wronged us. Sometimes these modern apparitions come flooding back in the form of blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, invoked with the click of a link.

We scream at the hapless victims in horror movies. “Don’t open the door!” They never listen and the ghost consumes them. Likewise, our brain screams at our fingers not to click the link. Of course, we don’t listen either. We follow the link, throwing open the door as if inviting a vampire into our home allowing him to come and go as he likes and taking victims at will.

A ghost began chasing our family today, but we are luckier than those fools on movies and TV. If life was like an episode of Supernatural, we would know how to kill the ghost. We could chop off the vampire’s head. If we were smarter, we wouldn’t open doors in the first place by following links that invoke spirits from a haunted past. If we do slip and allow a ghost back into our lives, we have the awesome power to push it back out again and we don’t need even salt or fire or mysterious incantations to do it.