Discovering really good reporting is always a joy, but finding jewels in journalism today seems like a blind hunt for smoky black pearls.

The perpetual churn of the news cycle is collapsing on itself like a dying star. The density increases until its own gravity crushes itself to become a black hole and suck the life out of everything nearby, even light. Bright becomes dark and all is lost.

That’s what “the news” has become today. A dark vortex that silently lures victims to violent death by extrusion. Neil DeGrasse Tyson describes the experience by its technical term. Spaghettification.

It’s science!

Funny thing, I’m not the only one who thinks news is broken today (yes, that’s a bit of a pun). David Weigel writing for Slate (How “Breaking News” Broke the News) also notes today that the concept of breaking news is broken.