Staying Thankful Through the Good and Bad

Are your kids the same as ours? We never really know which ones we’re going to wake up to in the morning. Yesterday, we woke up to angels.

Meagan focused on a school project all day. When she asked for anything, she did it quietly and respectfully. After a string of spills all over the house Julie and I had to initiate a draconian “no drinks out of the kitchen” rule. Meg was aware of the rule and respectfully asked if she could have a cup of hot tea downstairs in her room while she continued working on her project. She actually said, “I know this is a long shot, but may I respectfully ask to drink a cup of tea in my room.”

How could we say no to such a sweet request? Of course we let her have the tea!

Jordan spent much of his time yesterday playing games in his room and talking with his friends online. Likewise, he was quiet and respectful all day. He and Meg are often the equivalent of oil and water, they just don’t mix, but yesterday was a wonderful exception. They were polite and perfect children straight out of a storybook.

For the first time in a long time, Julie and I were completely at ease come bedtime. We had no problem falling asleep and enjoyed a terrific full night of rest to wake up refreshed to a new day this morning.

Then, everything went back to normal as the devils rose from slumber. Jordan was the first one up and wasn’t particularly bad, but was just wound up. Babbling nonsense, making noises and humming a tuneless rhythm while either ignoring us or taking forever to finish doing things. We maintained our patience until Meg woke up.

We asked both of them to join us with every intention of raining praise on them for their great behavior yesterday. We didn’t get a chance to. Jordan was screaming because we were distracting him from his leftover pizza. Meg was swaying back and forth acting like she was falling back to sleep on her feet.

This continued through most of the day. Screaming. Animosity. Fighting. No fun.

Two good things:

  • Kat came home, washed the dogs, and cleaned the bathroom without being asked to do it.
  • Julie made potato soup and it was delicious.

But you know, I should add one more big #3.

  • We enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon together.

When life gets a little stressful we need to remember to be thankful for the little things. Furthermore, Jordan and Meagan reminded us yesterday how great they can be.