Howling at the Moon

Sometimes kids can melt your heart and make you feel like master of the world. Other times, not so much.
This morning, Jordan was wearing Meagan’s jeans and howling to make her mad. Meg was screaming at him to take them off and singing the same four notes of a song she likes these days. Kat was in the middle trying to be the sane one, asking them to please stop over and over like politely whispering into a hurricane to please just go away.
Jordan and Meagan, at ages 11 and 12, are good kids at heart, but their sweet core is surrounded by psychotic, hormonal middle school madness that makes life, shall we say, challenging at times. Katheryn has finally past that wild-eyed stage of youth into her later teenage years.
Julie and I will just have to keep praying for patience. If their behavior pattern is anything like Kat’s, then we know that this too shall pass. I just wish it would pass a little faster, then slow down so we can enjoy each other’s company with less howling, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.