Halloween Preparations

Today we shopped for halloween costumes and it confirmed my belief that commercial halloween costumes suck. They’re overpriced and made of that weird polyester material that will barely hold up through one night. The best costumes are original and made at home.
At least shopping gave us an excuse to visit one of our favorite restaurants, Fresh 2 Order (@f2o on Twitter). The gourmet meals are cooked to order from fresh ingredients and the price is right. Julie always gets the bourbon steak with garlic mashed potatoes and I usually follow suit, but I stick to the default side order of a grit cake (don’t knock it until you try it, they are to die for). Today; however, I tried the almond chicken skewers with sweet mashed potatoes. Perfection! I even enjoyed the purple cabbage salad that came with the meal.
After a tour of duty that included Halloween Express, Party City, and Target, we ended up with a Scream costume for Jordan. Then we hit Publix for some groceries and Julie spared further torture for me and Jordan. She dropped us off at the house and took the girls to Wal-Mart to continue the quest. I think she is going to buy material to replicate a “candy corn witch” costume Kat saw online. Then, we’re going to swallow our pride and buy a different kind of witch costume for Meagan online.
Hey, the girls picked them out. We didn’t ask them to be witches!