AP says "website" is now correct

Twitter / AP Stylebook: Responding to reader input ...

Finally! This change from “Web site” to “website” should have happened years ago. My problem will be the one Peter Cetera sang about with the band Chicago in the 1980s. It’s a “Hard Habit to Break.”
Poynter Online – Top Stories:

When the AP Stylebook announced via Twitter that it was changing the style for “Web site” to “website,” some users let out shouts of praise: “Finally!” “Yes!!!” “Yeeha!”
The reactions aren’t surprising, given how many people have asked the AP to change the style from two words to one word, arguing that “Web site” is an antiquated way of writing it.

Note: It’s time to update my TextExpander files, which are forcing Web site to “correct” to the former AP style.
(Via Poynter Online)