Think Before You Choose Your Candidate

Your candidate should be a person you trust to represent your values and will seek to fulfill your needs whether you are a CEO, a small business owner, or a blue-collar worker.

These are just three questions I consider before choosing a candidate for any elected office.

  1. Will they ensure access to high-quality affordable health insurance for all (regardless of employment)?
  2. Will they guarantee a high-quality affordable (if not free) public education for me, my children, and my grandchildren? To clarify, I’m talking about prekindergarten through college education.
  3. Will they provide protection when I need it (and leave me alone when I don’t)?

Preemptive note about socialism. Every American benefits from aspects of socialism in the roads we drive on and the fire and police protection we enjoy. Everyone contributes and everyone benefits, so don’t start shouting about the evils of socialism before you think.

One More Thing to Consider

From an interview titled “I will always be on the side of the libraries”: A Conversation with Neil Gaiman.

Question to Neil Gaiman: You’re an author of many books that have been challenged and banned throughout the years. What does it feel like to experience that?

Gaiman’s Answer (in part): As far as I’m concerned, if you really can’t figure out which political party or which politician to vote for, just ask if they’re on the side of libraries. Are they voting to fund their libraries? Are they voting to keep them free? Then vote for those guys. They’re probably the good guys. And by the same token, the book burners, the book banners, they’re probably the bad guys. It’s a good way to bet.