It's Monday already?!

The Wall Street Journal is among those on the web talking about Binge Viewing: TV’s Lost Weekends:

“Binge viewing is transforming the way people watch television and changing the economics of the industry. The passive couch potato of the broadcast era turned into the channel surfer, flipping through hundreds of cable channels. Now, technologies such as on-demand video and digital video recorders are giving rise to the binge viewer, who devours shows in quick succession—episode after episode, season after season, perhaps for $7.99 a month, the cost of a basic Netflix membership. In the past, such sessions required buying stacks of costly DVDs ($66.99 for seasons one through four of “Mad Men”) or special broadcast marathons.”

Also, I hope the writer intended for this line to be funny, because it is.

“Breaking Bad” is high on the list of TV shows that drive the most compulsive viewing, according to Netflix number-crunchers.

Julie’s mom asked her if we ever watched regular TV shows on Netflix and all she could do was laugh. We are guilty as charged.

Netflix Binge