Terrific Week

As far as random weeks off work go, this week leading up to my birthday yesterday has ranked pretty high up the list.

My family has a running gag about me being sick at every holiday. The unfortunate curse held true during two weeks off at Christmas when I was sick until the last day off. I am thankful this winter break was broke that trend. The weather has been sunny, clear, and unseasonably warm.

Grilling weather.

We cracked open the Big Green Egg for the first time this year. Filet mignon. Burgers. Chicken breasts and tenderloins (there are still a few of those in the fridge). Good eats.

Unbroken time with Julie and the kids is always priceless and this has been a terrific week with them. Good times for everyone; however, this week also proves that good things must sometimes come to a close. Today marks the end of a really wonderful week and I am so thankful for it.