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Movable Type Documentation #mt

Presented here for your education is the Mostly Complete Movable Type Documentation (as of November 17, 2012). From my brief introduction to the 476-page compilation: > It is not my intent to present this compilation of Movable Type documentation pages as my original work. In fact, the only original piece of this document is this […]

Movable Type: a blessing and a curse

Movable Type–updated to 5.2 just a few days ago–is a professional content management system from which to launch a blogging platform. I have no doubt it is fully capable of presenting anything an accomplished admin can imagine; however, those new to the system must overcome the scattered documentation. A basic glossary would be helpful. The […]

Custom CSS in Movable Type 5

As I covered in my last post, I have two subdomains: one for the CaSt blog and another for linked items (actually, there’s a third for archives). Each subdomain has its own css file. For my purposes, all three use the same code and I was trying to manage updates on all three. It struck […]

Movable Type css with subdomains

***Update:** I spoke too soon. My initial fix did not work (see strike below. The fix that actually worked for me follows. –elb 2012-09-17 12:21:24* Adding subdomains to my new Movable Type 5 website screwed up the links to my css stylesheets. The fix is easy and I think it will hold up over template […]