My Wrist Used to Hurt

I had a theory that Apple’s Magic Mouse, possibly exacerbated by the Magic Trackpad, was killing me. I use the mouse at work and the trackpad at home, and the pain in my right wrist has been steadily increasing during the past several months. Three days of field tests that began with swiping a larger… Continue reading My Wrist Used to Hurt

Why Quickcursor?

I recently wrote about how I use QuickCursor to switch between Scrivener and TextMate, which left at least one reader wondering, “Why?” “I’d like to know why you sometimes feel it’s necessary to jump from Scrivener to TextMate…via QuickCursor.” –@drdrang Scrivener is perfect for organizing writing projects and providing a focused writing environment, yet it… Continue reading Why Quickcursor?


Teleport is exactly what I needed when I wasn’t even looking for something. teleport: teleport: teleport lets you use a single mouse and keyboard to control several Macs. Simply reach an edge of your screen, and your mouse teleports to your nearby Mac, which also becomes controlled by your keyboard. The pasteboard can be synchronized,… Continue reading teleport

Journler – Back from the Almost Dead

Journler (yes, that is the correct spelling) is intriguing software that I used for a while some years back. The developer, Phillip Dow, stopped development in 2009, but he posted a couple of days ago that he is open sourcing the application and introducing a new application called Per Se. Journler – Blog: I’ve finally… Continue reading Journler – Back from the Almost Dead