elb_cast – Page 49 – Carrying Stones


The evolution of community, and the occasional need to go back to the old days, has been on my mind lately. To help my thoughts percolate, I began by taking a look at the definition of Community, courtesy of the American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition (courtesy of the iPhone application iTunes link): Community: 1a.A group […]

Laugh Live Learn Love

Laugh Live Learn Love Originally uploaded by beelers I have this piece of art crafted of ceramic and clay that I bought a local gallery. It has four great lessons burned into it. Live You can’t help but live until you die, and if you aren’t busy living then you’re busy dying. At least that’s […]

Seeking sociology

I recently enjoyed reading “Blink,” a book by Malcom Gladwell. I’ve been reading similar books for professional development at work and I’m finding how much joy any writing even distantly related to sociology brings to me. A guilty admission: I never really understood what sociology was when I was considering what to major in at […]

The Grotesque in Southern Fiction

Every writer, particularly Southern writers, should read Flannery O’Connor’s piece “Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction”. In fact, I recommend some serious study of the piece, which was published in 1960 but maintains its relevance today. These are not times when writers in this country can very well speak for one another. In the […]