Sunday Meat Day

Today is Sunday. Today is meat day. The summer has just been too hot to stand by a fire in the Big Green Egg on our deck, but that isn't the case any longer. We knew mornings were going to greet us with temperatures in the high 30s so I bought the largest pork shoulder… Continue reading Sunday Meat Day


Micah Cash paired photos with an essay Waffle House Vistas for the Bitter Southerner. It’s excellent. Waffle House Vistas — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER: …nearly every Southerner feels a personal connection to Waffle House. How can a cookie-cutter restaurant chain win over the hearts of millions of people? My answer is inclusivity. In my experience, when… Continue reading Waffle House Vistas — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

Smooth Like Molasses

When I was a kid, I loved Archway’s molasses cookies, but I have seen them in years. I stumbled across a recipe and had the ingredients handy (sans cloves) and whipped up a batch from scratch. They are a new favorite in our house and a greater threat to my belt line.

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