On Working from Home

At my previous job, I spent some time working from home in 2020–2021 after the COVID pandemic really hooked its tendrils into the globe. My current job doesn’t even have an office so working from home is the only option. Overall, it’s been terrific.

If employees have no need to meet directly with each other, greet the public, or produce something that requires them to be on site (manufacturing and retail come to mind), I see no reason anyone should not work from home.

I have been more productive and more willing to work flexibly to get work done. That also means I can work in a load of dishes or laundry and it doesn’t subtract from the quality of my work on the job. Tragic overlords including the likes of Phony Stark requiring butts in seats are holding on to a 1950s way of thinking that is slipping away. I say good riddance.