Coding More

With a new1 tech job this year, I have been focused on learning.2 With that, I have also been focused on sharing.

I am a long-time fan (and paying customer) of Brett Terpstra. He sets a high bar—the gold standard IMHO—for Mac developers. He shares of a combination of polished paid apps with a generous helping of open source apps for anyone to enjoy and use. Another font of knowledge I am grateful for is the mysterious Dr. Drang with his focus on Python and LaTeX, a personal joy of mine.3

My goal is to follow in his example.

My GitHub account is shared at the top of every page on this site. Recent additions include:

  • lipsum – a “lorem ipsum” generator,
  • repo-update – a simple tool to update all of the git repositories in a given directory, and
  • zsh-setup-scripts – scripts for macOS and Linux to set up zsh with my preferred bells and whistles.

I’m filling my GitHub repos with works in progress,4 so use at your own risk. Remember, I’m learning. I hope we can learn together and contribute to The Greater Good!

  1. Is it still new if I started in January? I think so.  ↩
  2. A wide gamut of stuff that includes PHP, JS, Python, HTML, CSS while dipping my toe in Swift.  ↩
  3. Though I have little need for precise typesetting, I love everything about it!
  4. Seriously everyone. Use with caution unless otherwise noted. I don’t want to break your stuff!  ↩