BBEdit Preference Fix

After finding trouble updating the Preview preferences in BBEdit (the venerable text editor from Barebones Software), the company shared the fix.

My problem was the preference options didn’t recognize items I knew I had installed in /opt/homebrew/bin using Homebrew.

BBEdit Preview Preferences

It turns out BBEdit runs as a non-interactive shell so it never loads my $PATH from .zshrc. The simple fix is to create a new dotfile in my home directory at ~/.zshenv and include my $PATH options there. A quick restart of BBEdit and everything I wanted was available for selection.

All of the details are provided on the Barebones site at Regarding environment variables when using “zsh”. Props to @BBEdit for responding to my question on Twitter in less than 10 minutes. The app is already awesome, but becomes more so because of the phenomenal support!