New Job, New Perspective

Soon after New Year’s Day I started a new job as what is easiest to describe as full stack developer.

I turned 50 in February and have learned more in the past two months than any other point in my life. I bought books on Linux (to refresh my memory) and a great book on PHP & MySQL.1 My employer, Webinology bought me a book on GitLab to learn more about CI/CD.

We don’t have a brick & mortar office so I work 100 percent from home. My coworkers are awesome. I get to do the very work I’ve been tinkering with for fun since I was in my 20s. Dreams come true!

Never stop learning!

  1. True story: I searched for a book on these topics on Feb. 15, the very day that book was published. You can buy it on Amazon with this PHP & MySQL affiliate link. Talk about Karma!