Mullenweg Interview

The Verge published a great interview with Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg. So quotable! Here are a few hotspots.

  • I try to make as few decisions as possible and really say, “How do we push that out to the teams, the divisions, the edges of the branches of the tree versus the trunk?” The assumption is that none of us are as smart as all of us [emphasis mine], so now what do we build in there?
  • “Reversible decisions quickly, and irreversible decisions deliberately, or slowly.”
  • When we acquired it, Tumblr had a backload of 80,000 support tickets.
    We got that to zero just a few weeks ago.
  • AI on its own can be bad, humans on their own aren’t as good as AI at some things, but when you combine them, you can actually get superhuman results — better than either on their own.

He’s one smart dude and I think he has great ideas for growing the web and the world in the right direction.