My daily Mac

My MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2011 edition) is the best Mac I have ever owned, and a handful of apps I use every day really help me churn. I write this stuff up occasionally to help me review how I work. Maybe it’s helpful for you.

Always running

These are the apps that power my daily Mac, listed in rough order of usage.

Background apps

I almost forgot several other apps that mostly hang out in the background or from the menubar, which stays uncluttered thanks to Bartender.

  • Dropbox1 is the glue that holds so many things together; easy to forget about this linchpin application
  • TextExpander does what it says, shaving minutes off my work time and pushing RSI further down the line
  • Keyboard Maestro can automate just about anything on a Mac
  • Fantastical replaced BusyCal, which pushed iCal off a bridge years ago
  • Spirited Away is an oldie but a goodie that automatically cleans up my desktop, hiding apps that haven’t been used recently
  • Default Folder X provides more RSI relief, helping me leave the mouse alone and navigate folders to save (or find) documents
  • Delibar is my Pinboard portal
  • Hazel is my assistant organizing files in the background
  • Flux adjusts screen gamma at night to ease eye strain
  • FastScripts introduced me to Mac automation with keyboard shortcuts
  • Moom shoves windows where I want them using keyboard shortcuts (though this will be replaced with Keyboard Maestro when I make time to set it up)

Occasional apps

Another smattering of apps get launched as needed, either for a quick task or long stretches of focused work.

  • Fever is my newsreader, powered by and hosted at A2 Hosting2
  • MarsEdit for publishing articles here at Carrying Stones
  • Coda 2 wraps web development into a tidy package
  • Day One is a beautiful journaling app that should be running all the time but I’m a slacker (Brett Terpstra earns another gold star for giving us Slogger(, which should you go check out right now)
  • nvALT by Elastic Threads and (you guessed it) Mr. Terpstra for quick synced note-taking
  • iTerm is my console window for local command line work in zsh (also souped up by oh-my-zsh)
  • 1Password manages all my website logins, credit cards, software licenses, and other items I need to secure while having ready access at any time

Wow! Sorry to puke all of that out at once. What started as a quick list of favorites turned into that pot of stew; add a little of this, a touch of that… Boom! 18 gallons of stew. Have a seat and try some. Here, let me get you a bowl. Where are you going? Come back!

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