Lost in "Lost" all over again

Christmas break has given me and Julie a chance to tie up a loose end we left frayed a long time ago.
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We were enthralled by J.J. Abrams’1 Lost while it was airing on television, yet for some reason that neither of us can recall (electromagnetic pulse maybe?) we stopped watching before the show’s finale when it wrapped in May 2010. Netflix bingeing through the holidays provided the coordinates to help us return to the island, and the show still fascinates.
The plot twists, parallel timelines, puzzles, and intricate details hidden throughout the series easily support a second a viewing. If you have nearly 87 hours2 to spare, you may agree.
If you find your way back to the island, find your constant at one of the many resources available online such as Lostpedia.

  • We’re also enjoy other productions Abrams has had a hand in including Fringe, Alias), Person of Interest, and Alcatraz) (before the TV warden threw it in the hole). Oh, and did I mention Fringe? Best show on TV right now. 
  • 87 hours?! Sometimes I wish my brain didn’t force me to suss out facts like that. What else could I have accomplished in 87 hours?! At least I began learning perl while we plunked down in front of the TV.