Movable Type Documentation #mt

Presented here for your education is the Mostly Complete Movable Type Documentation (as of November 17, 2012). From my brief introduction to the 476-page compilation: > It is not my intent to present this compilation of Movable Type documentation pages as my original work. In fact, the only original piece of this document is this Introduction! > All of these documentation files are maintained at which is most certainly more up-to-date than this document lovingly collected by hand on November 17, 2012, copied-and-pasted into a Scrivener file to keep it organized and published straight to PDF from that wonderful application with its original formatting. That means it’s not perfectly formatted in book format, but it’s better than nothing. > It is my intent to provide a useful resource to the Movable Type community. When I am learning a new system, I find it helpful to have a guide that stays in context from one section to the next rather than clinking link to link to link and wandering from one guide to the next—author to designer to developer—to find what I need. > So I compiled all of those individual pages into one to help me, and share it here as a PDF to help others who think like me. I hope it helps. So there you go, warts and all. Download it here.