Updates mean more updates coming

I’ve had a few days off to recover from having my wisdom teeth ripped out of my skull, which gave me plenty of time to muck around in the guts of a new CMS. Clicking on either the CaSt Blog or Linked List (they’re over to the right at the moment) will take you where I hope to take the rest of the site.

My vision at the moment is to have four main pages. A mixture of articles (this page) written solely by me and items I link to on the Web, the CaSt blog and Linked List (which make up the “mixture” I just mentioned, and an archive to help you (and me) find older articles and other items I’ve published.

Other pages will be the obligatory contact and about pages, and maybe a social page showing my other footprints on the Internet. A dedicated photo gallery may or may not be in the future. We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for your patience while I continue to learn a new system, track down the bugs I’ve introduced, and squash them. I’m digging the new system, but have lots to learn.