CaSt, now with FancyZoom!

From here forward, I plan to use Cabel Sasser’s FancyZoom to allow readers to click on photos and enjoy, well, a fancy zoom. Cabel is known for Panic’s shockingly good software (I recommend Coda 2, which helps me develop this site alongside BBEdit) and yes, he shares his personal thoughts at Cabel’s Blog LOL.
I retrofitted my most recent blog with a photo, “The yellow flag must be down!”, as an example of this new improvement to the Carrying Stones family. Enjoy a fancy way to enjoy the closeup.
If this site moves beyond a hobby and earns any revenue, and I hope it does, the first $39 will go to license FancyZoom. Anyone who wants to advertise at Carrying Stones should drop a line to the [commerce department]( Advertiser).