CaSt, now with FancyZoom!

From here forward, I plan to use Cabel Sasser’s [FancyZoom]( to allow readers to click on photos and enjoy, well, a fancy zoom. Cabel is known for [Panic’s shockingly good software]( (I recommend [Coda 2](, which helps me develop this site alongside [BBEdit]( and yes, he shares his personal thoughts at [Cabel’s Blog LOL](
I retrofitted my most recent blog with a photo, [*”The yellow flag must be down!”*](, as an example of this new improvement to the Carrying Stones family. Enjoy a fancy way to enjoy the closeup.
If this site moves beyond a hobby and earns any revenue, and I hope it does, the first $39 will go to license FancyZoom. Anyone who wants to advertise at Carrying Stones should drop a line to the [commerce department]( Advertiser).