Losing Weight the Geek Way

MacSparky – Blog – Geek Weight Loss:

“Earlier this year I was looking at some family pictures with my glasses off and asked myself, ‘Who is that fat guy on the end?’ Turns out, it was me. I’m not sure when it happened, but I got fat.”

I’m in the same (gravy) boat. I used Lose It! last year, lost weight, lost interest, and gained the weight back with interest. Dave inspires me to give it another shot.

Mmmm. Gravy. Stop! Dave speaks to my inner nerd:

It’s all about changing habits. I needed to hack myself. I wanted something without a lot of complicated rules. I also realized that I’m a geek and because of that I should channel that geek impulse to help me lose weight.

Now to see if I can melt off 2 pounds a week.