Apps I Use: HabiTimer

My sinuses went haywire this week so I’ve been on a rotation of medicine to help shake this bug, which is where niche apps like HabiTimer (affiliate link) for iOS really shine. It comes from Sciral for $0.99.

HabiTimer launch screen and timer list.

While setting up a series of reminders in Apple’s Clock app, or even the amazing Due for iOS and Due for Mac (both affiliate links, and Due will get its own Apps I Use article later), can be tedious, HabiTimer makes it easy to set periodic alarms. It’s perfect for those times when you’re sick and need to remember to take your medicine every four hours. For hourly reminders, users may simply swipe their finger down a row of time slots to enable alarms set to go off every 60 minutes.

Left: A few taps set periodic alarms. Right: A swipe of the finger sets hourly reminders.

The app also includes its own set of alarm sounds showing off a combination of whimsy and functionality. Learn more about HabiTimer straight from Sciral’s website or follow @sciral on Twitter. Sciral also seems to be affiliated, if not the same as, Arciem LLC and publish a related iPhone app called Sciral Consistency. For Mac OS, they develop something called Flying Logic, which is billed as “a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers.” I have no idea what it’s for and don’t plans to investigate.

HabiTimer’s custom alarms

This isn’t an app I use every day, but I keep it on my iPhone for those situations where it perfectly fulfills my needs. HabiTimer has certainly earned its keep for me this week.

This article is part of a series focused on Mac and iOS apps that make my life a little better. I have two goals: to provide value for the dapper readers of Carrying Stones and to help my keyboard make the clackity noise.