Embracing the tiny: a 21-Day Salute™ by Communicatrix

Colleen Wainright spent 21 days embracing something tiny to help her begin. She started with this piece (Embracing the tiny: a 21-Day Salute™) about a tree with the gall to lay dormant for a season and return in full bloom.

“That damn tree can take a few months off, even out here in the land of perpetual growing seasons. No one wonders what the hell it was doing while those shrubs down the block had it going on. When it blossoms again, no one disparages it for slacking off, or wonders why its flowers aren’t bigger, already, or whispers behind its back that last year’s blooms were soooooo much better.
So I’m going to make like a tree, and come back slow and tiny, one bud at a time.”

In closing the series 21 days later, she shared this truth about herself in Embracing the tiny, Day 21: Small finales:

“What I needed to do when I began this, though, was to begin. And then to keep on beginning, right through to the end. (At which point, of course, I am free to keep beginning.)”

I need to shake off years of whining about not having time or not having the energy or being a talentless hack and just make something! This is the prescription I need. Thanks Dr. Colleen! Now I just have to remember to take my medicine.

Colleen’s series reminded me of a talk Merlin Mann gave a couple of years ago at MaxFunCon about starting (you better believe that one’s Huffduffed for another listen). Check out Merlin’s website or don’t follow him on Twitter at @hotdogsladies. He hates it when you follow him.