Mac Writing Tips

Take my word for it Mac writers–I’ve wasted the time for you–you only need a couple of things to finish your work. If you want to focus on writing, do this:

  1. Learn about Markdown (can’t thank @gruber enough for this one)
  2. Buy Scrivener for Mac for longer work
  3. Pick a plain text editor for Mac OS X (it’s helpful to sync with iOS)
  4. Pick a plain text editor for iOS (it’s helpful to sync with Mac OS X)
  5. Write (this part is all you)

MultiMarkdown is worth checking out for writers who need another layer of formatting such as formatted tables.

You’re probably on a budget. If you need anything else to make it pretty, I suggest Apple Pages over Microsoft Word. If you want to make it really pretty, then you should leapfrog word processors to Adobe InDesign. Then, I’ll have to write something else for you.

Pro tip: for the serious writers who made it this far, you really should look at Scrivener. It’s a game changer. You won’t look at writing the same after you understand it.