Don't think. Do.

To make a thing, you have to stop thinking and starting doing.

It takes willpower and practice to know when you need to stop, but you do need to stop. You have to know when you have skimmed enough websites, been to enough places, and read enough books. There will always be websites and places and books you will never get to experience. There just isn’t enough time, and that’s OK.

You have to know when to stop and how to start. Merlin Mann talks about this on his 43 Folders website (Fake Rocks, Salami Commanders, and Just Enough to Start) and humorously explains it during a talk he gave at MaxFunCon in 2009 (With All Due Respect to the Seduction Community). That particular talk yielded one of my favorite quotes by him, and he produces a lot of quotes.

You can’t think your way out of a writing block, but you can write your way out of a thinking block. –Merlin Mann

Often, that’s what I’m doing here on this blog. I know it’s what I’m doing today.