Happy as a Dog

sam running with ballI could learn a lot from our dog Sam and you could learn from yours. The innate lessons dogs have to teach are not exclusive, but inherent from birth.
When I come home from a long stressed-out day at the office, I’m probably tired, likely to be hungry, and usually grumpy. Sam shows me this is not the way to come through the door.
Sam never seems happier than in the moments immediately after we let him back in the house after a canine romp in the back yard. We could put him out and let him in every half hour and he’d run through the house with his tail at full wag looking for that chewed up red sock he loves so much and a look on his face like he’s smiling. Every time is like his first time in the house.
Every. Single. Time.
I love that dog. I hope I can learn from him.