Going Paleo

My wife Julie and I have united to announce we aren’t happy with our lives.
Don’t worry. We are just as in love with each other as ever (actually, we are more in love than ever). We are disappointed with our health and have a strategy to fix it. We have committed to the paleo diet. Julie jokes that we’re “eating like cavemen.” If so, cavemen ate well!
Dan Benjamin, The Man who oversees the awesome 5by5 podcasting network, put the idea in my head. So far, I have found that Robb Wolf provides one of the best introductions to this lifestyle change (don’t call it a diet, it’s not a diet).
We’re one week into it and haven’t even begun to exercise, yet each of us has lost some weight and feel better already. Our daughter Kat has enjoyed the same results and the whole family is getting dragged along with us because there isn’t any “bad food” in the house any more.
After a week, we aren’t missing the bread, cereal, and cheese that made up a large part of our diet. You heard that right. No sandwiches. No breakfast cereals. No dairy. No quesadillas with flour tortillas. Meals are mostly comprised of lean meat with vegetables. Our biggest cheat during meals so far has been having a little steamed jasmine rice on the side with dinner.
The best part for me? My stomach doesn’t hurt all the time and I don’t get the shakes when I’m hungry. We plan to begin exercising as the hot Georgia summer begins it’s cooling slide into autumn. I can’t wait!