Put "Something" There

After professing my allegiance to Path Finder during a conversation about TotalFinder on Twitter, Mike Alsup said:

ftp put

While it’s not speedy command line magic and isn’t limited to Path Finder, but it’s possible to automount remote WebDAV drives at login and they’ll be waiting for you to put whatever you would like in there. The easiest way for Normals to set this up is using the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  1. Set up your Finder/Path Finder/TotalFinder so that when you mount a remote drive you can see it on the desktop.
  2. Use your mouse to visit the Apple menu in the top left corner and open your System Preferences.
  3. Once System Preferences is open, click on Accounts, then Login Items under your user account.
  4. Can you still see the remote WebDAV drive on your desktop? Good. Drag that to your list of Login Items in System Preferences.

If you’ve managed to follow those four steps then your remote drive will now be available every time you login to your computer. Your settings may limit where the remote WebDAV drive will show up, but it could now be on your desktop and in the device section of your file management system of choice. Drag and drop to your heart’s content! If you prefer the command line you can find at /Volumes/remotedrivename.
Update: The remote drive jumps around a bit when you want to save something (at least in my Path Finder setup). When you save a file directly from your program to the remote, it’s moved from “Devices” to “Shared.”

N.B. I don’t assume people reading this are clueless. After spending years writing for local newspapers I learned to write to what I believe is the lowest common denominator to ensure all readers are able to take something with them after reading my article. This probably deserves a post of its own.