Email with Textmate

TextMate surprised me again this week when I discovered I could send email directly from my favorite text editor with the same keyboard shortcut as “Send Mail” in Apple’s, which as you know is Cmd-Shift-D.
Bliss! Because you know that means, right? Of course you do. It greases the wheels for me to write messages using every text nerd’s dream formatting languages—Markdown and MultiMarkdown.
I do have to throw in one more step before hitting the shortcut to send the message. Here, I’ll just show you how it works:
Read the three steps first. Then scroll through the three images. It’s really quick, easy, and just the best if you have to send an email using HTML.

  1. Type a message in TextMate using Markdown or MultiMarkdown and press Ctrl-Shift-H, which brings you to…
  2. You’re in HTML now. Nothing left to do but hit Cmd-Shift-D to…
  3. Send it to where it’s formatted in lovely HTML waiting for an address, a subject (it automatically grabs the saved name). Then send it!


untitled 2


Oops! Forgot the two spaces after “Best!” to break the lines. Could have fixed that in post, but I’m lazy tonight.
Hope this helps you too!