Bad Day for Vacation

Today was my first day off work for fall break. We get Friday and Monday—a four-day weekend—and I’ve got doctors appointments scheduled on Monday. I planned to spend today getting a few things in order that I’ve let slide. My desk in the office is spilling over with junk mail, bills, stuff to read, and other items to process.
campbells-cream-of-potato-soup-condensed-50-oz-can-12-cs.jpgMy stomach felt a little crazy last night before bed, but I managed to get to sleep…until about 1:30 a.m. That’s when I started doing laps between the bed and the bathroom. A stomach bug! Great. I continued doing laps until about 10 a.m. when the sluices finally eased off a bit, but sleep was still out of the question. I dozed fitfully until sunrise and into the morning and afternoon before I finally sat up in bad and grabbed a computer to try to get my mind off the pain in my gut.
Then, the headache set in (did I mention we’re having our roof replaced? kapow! kapow! kapow!) followed by alternating chills and sweats. I have been able to eat about five saltines and half a bowl of Campbell’s potato soup before I started making laps again. So yeah, it’s been a pretty rotten vacation day.