Simple thoughts on Simplenote during lunch

Trying out the latest version of Simplenote, which looks incredible. I was recently torn between Simplenote and Writeroom, the former for it’s pure simplicity and the latter for its full screen writing environment on the iPhone. With the latest update to Simplenote I have fullscreen simplicity in a single app.
But wait, there’s more…
Simplenote picked up more than a bigger space to write. It now has tags that can play double duty as folders (if that helps you get your head around tagging). What’s nice is you can label a document with more than one tag, effectively putting it in more than one “folder.” This is a bit like having the original file in one folder on your desktop Mac and copying an alias into other folders. It’s all one document, but you can access it from whichever place is convenient at the time.
Managing files this way can help kick your aging brain into gear. Tag your grocery list with shopping, kitchen, dining, and lists and you’ll find that single file in any of those categories. Pretty slick!
I may have more to say about Simplenote at some point, but lunch is about over and I have to get back to the office. At least my mind is made up about which iPhone app I’ll be using for my writing and hope it helped you make a decision, too.