Pinging Jordan's Brain

I am waiting in the lobby while Julie sits with Jordan while he is inside a thumping MRI machine. This is one of the legs of our journey to help Jordan grow more quickly.
Jordan has always been small and his doctor has been patiently concerned for a while. He was attending a medical conference in Chicago and sat in a session about endocrinology and growth patterns. He immediately thought about Jordan and realized there were some more things we could try to help him along.
I wasn’t able to go to his first visit with the endocrinologist so I missed the firsthand experience. They x-rayed his skeleton to determine his “bone age,” which turned out to be about 8 to 9 years old, or more than two years behind schedule. The doctor requested the MRI that has brought us here today to take a look at his pituitary gland. All of this will probably lead to a yearlong treatment–daily shots of human growth hormone.
Julie did not want to come here today due to a case of PMS (Protective Mommy Syndrome). She is probably struggling to be back there with Jordan while that machine pings around his brain, but she a calming influence on Jordan that I lack. She’s a great mom and I’m so proud of her.
So here I’ll wait for a while longer until they finish. I hope Jordan got his wiggles out before they got started so he can get out of there quickly!