Password mania

I went to a website for one of the accounts I hold. After it allowed me to type in my correct username and password, it spewed out large red letters ordering me to change my password.
Most of passwords are nuts–impossible to remember–thanks to 1Password. Look. I’ll go generate one for you using that software:
See? I think that’s enough to protect an account, especially since the only reason I logged in in the first place was to cancel the account.
So, I enter my ultra-secure randomly generated password and it doesn’t pass muster.

The password must be 8 characters or more, contain at least 1 letter and 1 number, no more than 7 numbers and no more than 2 consecutive identical characters.

OK. So I default to something I can remember. Just something to get me logged on so I can squash this service. More red letters:

The new password has been previously used as one of the last 16 passwords. Please enter a different password.

Let me pick my own password!
Anyway, I finally got it done and the account is cancelled now. Thank goodness!