A name once sought, now found

This blog is born again as Carrying Stones. The name comes from William Faulkner who said:

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

This quote calls to me for several reasons. William Faulkner is one of the greatest authors of all time and a great source of inspiration for me. The source may be from a renowned Southern writer, but the quote isn’t about writing per se (though it can be taken as such). To me, it also means taking life a little at a time instead of trying to swallow it whole.
A Faulkner quote also seems appropriate to commemorate the opening of Faulkner at Virginia: An Audio Archive. I posted this over at my other blog:

Hours of audio footage and transcripts from discussions with William Faulkner have been published online by the University of Virginia where the author was a writer in residence in 1957. The university also maintains Faulkner’s manuscripts and private papers in its special collections.
The site is worthy of investigation for literature fans, especially those fans who are most interested writing from the South. I first learned about the site in an email from the magazine Garden & Gun.

Welcome again to my old new blog.