Mimic Google's 2-week view in BusyCal

I use BusyCal to access and sync with my Google Calendar. The team at BusyMac have designed a calendar application they refer to as iCal Pro. BusyCal provides many more features and options than Apple’s iCal, but it was lacking one feature I grew to love on Google Calendar–the 2-week view.
If you’re in the same boat, here is a tip to enable a 2-week view in BusyMac that I got straight from “Kirk” on the BusyMac support team.

If you don’t mind tweaking in the Terminal, here is how to get the Googlish 2-week view:

  • Quit BusyCal
  • Launch Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities) 

  • Paste in the following line
    defaults write com.busymac.busycal weeksPerMonth -int 2
  • type return
  • Launch BusyCal
  • select “Scroll by Weeks” from the View menu